Our Services 
Bradings Landscapes are a dedicated team of professionals providing a skilled and unique service to our customers.

Residential & Commerical

  1. Hedge Cutting & Pruning
    A professional Hedge cutting and tree Pruning service.
  2. Full Garden Tidy
    We provide a full garden tidy service, this can be anything from full hedge and shrub trimming to a total full garden trim. Including all over grown shrubs, hedges, lawn cut, fruit tree pruning. Also able to do full boarder clearance and control.
  3. Patios & Pathways
    Our dedicated team can passionately design and construct a Variety of patio projects designed around you. If you are looking for inspiration and require professional advice, then we will be happy to help.
  4. Fencing
    We can supply and erect a whole range of different types of fencing including... Close board - Post & Rail - Palisade - Picket - Panel
  5. Natural & Artificial Lawns
    Experienced in natural lawns which includes soil preparation, turfing and seeding. We also have great knowledge in artificial lawns from design, preparation and installation of many types of artificial lawn products.
  6. Garden Maintenance
    We provide a wide range of maintenance schemes which includes, regular, small and large lawn cuts, full garden maintenance contracts, plant and maintain service, garden patio and decking cleaning.


Land Clearance
Agricultural Track Repair & Maintenace 

We also specialise in a variety of different types of decking projects including... composite, Hard wood and soft wood decking products.
We provide a full land clearing service with machine and operator hire.

Planting Schemes

Garden walls & Steps

Understanding the different types of plants and what they do can be very difficult.  An even harder job is bringing them all together in a garden, working out which one's will look best where and how they will compliment each other in the choosen garden space.
We can cater for many different planting styles, from rustic cottage gardens to complex modern gardens, tropical borders to very wet bogs.
There is alot more to planting than people think, theres ways to use shapes, textures and array of different colours to create your personalised effect.
Offering a large range of garden walling, including a choice of replica stone walls, natural stone or commercial walling and complementary steps, paving and edging.

This is just a short list of the services we provide, if theres a service we haven't covered on this page that your looking for please get intouch, were more than happy to help.